Best E-juice 2015

Best E-juice 2015

Looking for the best e-juice 2015 or best e-juice brand of 2015? Then let me tell you some of the flavors of e-juice that I like from my favorite brands. First off when you are looking for the best flavors of ejuice you need to know what you like already. Do you like sweet fruity flavors, or more mellow refreshing creamy flavors? Do you like menthol or tobacco flavors maybe? Do you like the new cereal flavors, maybe candy flavors, or dessert flavors? You can find the best e-liquid flavors all over online, but you need to know your flavor profile. The best e-juice 2015 is definitely an apple pie flavor.

So when you are trying to find the best vape juice flavors, I recommend my new favorite the best online vape store Monarchy. They carry tons of delicious flavors in many of the different categories and are adding new ones each week. They have top mixologists crafting premium blends made in the USA. They carry premium blends in a 70PG 30VG ratio and 60VG 40PG. It depends if you are using starter kits or box mods or vape mods which you will prefer, if you are newer and using a starter kit stick with the 70PG 30VG blends. If you want more vapor clouds then go with the 60VG 40PG blends.

If you’re looking for the best menthol e-liquid or best tobacco e-liquid you should look at these ejuice reviews. You can see reviews that describe some of the top flavors in each category like menthol and tobacco for instance. If you are an ex-smoker and starting vaping then you should stick with these flavors that you are most used to if you really want to quit. Vaping is the new smoking, and it’s helped tons of my friends quit. I’ve seen vaping help more people quit then any other type of smoking cessation device.