• Return to your authenticity!

  • Synchronic breathing - simple and effective.

  • Attune with the Synchronicity Field.

  • Enliven collective consciousness.

  • Positive coincidences from universal field.

  • Worldwide heart telepathy.

  • Synchronicity all over the world!

  • Join the Synchronicity Project!

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Synchronic breathing

Attune your breathing with the Synchronicity Field. It is a simple, effective way of calming down and regenerating yourself. This practice will have many positive effects on your mind and body. It takes only 5 minutes a day, 5 minutes of synchronic breathing.

Give me 5

Explore the new possibilities of invisible support of nature. Be supported by positive coincidences from universal field. Give me 5 is a living necklace of participants. This is how a worldwide heart telepathy begins. Join the Synchronicity Project.